Nutella Filled Madeleines

I have an obsession with Nutella but since I am currently banning palm oil as part of my stand to save the forest I have opted for what it’s called the hazelnut spread or petite dejeuner tartine here in France made without palm oil, actually you can actually find hazelnut spread here made with olive oil.


I always love Madeleine and since I got myself a nice belated christmas present to myself (the Madeleine mold) I thought I give it a new twist and filled it with some hazelnut spread that is fair trade and organic at the same time, but then again you can just put Nutella.



(This recipe made 32 Madeleine)

150 grams of flour

1 tsb of baking powder

120 grams of sugar

125 grams of melted butter left in room temperature

3 large eggs make sure it’s room temperature

1 teaspoons of vanilla essence

a few tablespoon of nutella or hazelnut spread

Here is how to do it, it’s very simple and easy

Preheat oven to 220 C

1. mixed up the baking powder and flour together and make sure it’s shifted because we wanted to make it fluffy

2. Mixed eggs and sugar with vanilla essence until thick and fluffy using a mixer

3. After that fold in the dry ingredients with a spatula until it’s all nicely incorporated

4 Last add the melted butter gradually until it all comes together into a beautiful batter

5. Let it rest in the fridge for one hour, you can leave it overnight to do the baking the next day

6. To do the nutella fillings basically you will need to fill the mold 1/2 full then put half a teaspoon of nutella (just don’t over do with the nutella coz then it’s gonna burst out) and then top it up with the batter until the mold is 3/4 full *please see picture and note: if you use silicon mold you don’t need to buttered and floured your mold.


7. Then bake it for 5 minutes at 220 C and then turn the oven down to 180 and bake it for another 7-8 minutes.

8. Cool it on a rack, dust it with icing sugar or leave it as it is.


It will be fancy, yummy and so fluffy!!


This is typical ‘gouter’ a french afternoon tea delight for kids here in France and you can get them from the bakery but I think this version is little more fluffier that the dense kind you get from the bakery.  I hope you’ll enjoy this little gem!


Melbourne We Love You To Bits

Travelling Aquarians

Melbourne has a special place in our heart for the both of us, it’s where we spend the beginning of our early years as adults. We both love everything about Melbourne, its fashion sense, its excellent gastronomic experiences as well as it’s chilled out attitude towards everything and anything.

We met as we were about to finish our university years, doing a little independent project together and it was unique experience and we had a blast! So let us introduce you to why we love Melbourne so much!

Coffee Coffee Coffee
We both coffee lovers, living in Melbourne for so long we develop a very critical taste for coffee and since then we always searching for that the same quality coffee wherever we go, whether it’s in Jakarta for Amalia or in Paris where Irene lives at the moment.

You can never go wrong getting a cup of latte or…

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What I love about Paris

Travelling Aquarians

So I have been living in Paris for a year now,things hasn’t been easy at the beginning especially when you don’t speak french. However after learning french and having so much free time before, I started to love Paris. I need to make the most out of Paris before we are gonna relocate again God knows where…

Here are the things that I love about Paris!

The Patisserie

I have a sweet tooth so living in Paris is probably is the best thing as you will find beautiful yummy cakes everywhere you go, plus now I work in a cake shop called Gastel Paris, and I get to drool and eat some broken macarons all the time, definitely not so good for my waistline but who cares, you only live once right!

IMG_2417 This is what I see everyday when I come to work! who can resist that right?

IMG_1571 Aoki is…

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The Aquarians

My best friend and I are both Aquarians, although we are kinda the opposite of each other somehow we click and has been friends for more than 10 years. We met back when we were in our university days and had a long distance friendship ever since we graduated. Since we both love travelling, we decided to create a travelling blog that share our experiences and keep each other updated with our travelling escapades.

Here’s the link!

The Aquarians.



Starting a new job in Paris

Hi everyone, sorry for going MIA for awhile…I have news for you one is I have started working part-time here in french patisserie name Gastel Paris located on the 10th arrondissement. I feel happy after a week of working because I get to practise my french other than that I need to restrain my self not to buy all the cakes and eat it myself afterwards hahahha

Here are some of the chef Olivier’s creation. I will share some more as new cakes come up!




Gastel Paris is located 102 rue de Lafayette, Paris 75010, nearest metro is Poissonnier line 7.

I hope to see you there one day so please come for a visit. The cakes and macarons are too die for!!

Beautiful roses of Provence

I just wanted to share some of the beautiful roses I found in Provence and dedicate this post for my dear friend Pang as I know she would love it, as she is an aspiring florist. I hope you like it my friend, thinking of you when I see beautiful flowers!









I wish I had a good fully bloom lavender field for you, however we were two weeks early so I got you this photo of a poppy field that we can see everywhere in Provence in spring time.

Thank you Pang for always encouraging me to write and appreciate all your support and kind words 🙂

Springtime in Provence

Hello, we just came back from a week in Provence to spend a little break before I start work next week..woohoo finally back to work!

We decided to explore the south of France this time as our mini holiday. We had an amazing time, and honestly 6 days were too short as they are plenty of villages and things to see. Well for this post I will just share the highlights of the trip and let the picture do all the talking 🙂

We arrived by train from Paris to Lyon and pick up our rental car to start our journey.

Lyon is famous for its bouchon, which is the local bistro Lyonnaise style. They are very affordable with lunch menu starting from around 15 euros for a 4 course menu. We stop at Chez Mournier in rue des Marronniers for a typical Lyonnaise food.

After a good lunch we then started our little adventure in Provence and here are the highlights!

View from Grignan

View from Grignan, too bad it’s not the season of the lavender yet. It would be nice seeing rows and rows of purple fields



Beautiful amazing ancient roses



Grignan was a really nice village, filled with beautiful roses everywhere and they are well-known for their ancient roses variety dating back before 1814. They have nice little pathway and a château on top of the hill.



Pont d’Avignon

Palais des Papes, where the papacy was held before moving back to Rome, 7 popes resided here.

Palais des Papes, where the papacy was held before moving back to Rome, 7 popes resided here.

We had a quick stop at Avignon to see the Palais des Papes and the famous bridge. Unfortunately we were too late to get into the palais so we had a walk in the city and enjoy the scenery instead.

Vaison la-Romaine

Vaison la-Romaine, where you can find both a roman archeological site and a medieval village

Visited some wineries in Beume de Venice region, famous for its sweet dessert wine

Visited some wineries in Beaume de Venice region, famous for it’s sweet dessert wine

Saturday means farmer's market day in Provence and the village of  Uzes turned into the biggest farmer's market. Plenty of things to see and buy. We end up having a picnic by the river after all the shopping.

Saturday means farmer’s market day in provence and the village of Uzes turned into the biggest farmer’s market. Plenty of things to see and buy. We end up having a picnic by the river after all the shopping.

It was the perfect weather for a picnic and we found such a beautiful picnic spot.

It was the perfect weather for a picnic and we found such a beautiful picnic spot.


Pont Du Gard, this is the marvel of Roman’s engineering, it’s almost 2000 years old and still standing tall




I think you shouldn’t miss Pont du Gard if you ever visit south of France, it is breathtaking! Something to get you thinking as well how amazing is it that people in the olden days are so advance in so many ways.


Lac de Sainte Croix




So after visiting a village called Moustier which is famous for its pottery we went and visited the lake before heading out to see the Gorges du Verdon which is a 700 m canyon.


Picturesque Gordes in Luberon region


Last but not least this is pretty much most of the cities in south of France looks like, villages on top of a hill with its medieval chateau or a beautiful church on top. However Gordes is so breathtaking as you get to see it full panoramic view before you get into the village. These are only some of our highlights, it was one amazing holiday, can’t wait to explore the rest of France as each and every place we visited were all unique in their own way.

I feel very blessed to be able to have this experience and I hope we will be able to preserve it for our future generations.

Summer berries frozen yogurt


Well, summer is finally here (sort of) so I thought why not whiz up some frozen yogurt!

This is so easy to make, all you need is frozen berries or any frozen fruits of your liking. A cup of plain yogurt, add some honey or maple syrup blend it in the food processors and voilaaa you got yourself a yummy homemade icy delight😊.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunny day!

Nature Makes Me Happy!



It is always pure joy when you are outdoor enjoying the beauty of nature, somehow your mood is always lifted especially on a sunny day! I hope everyone has a good long weekend and Easter. A time to reflect and be grateful with what we have.

I had a wonderful weekend with my hubby’s family and it is the first time that I can actually participate in the conversation and actually be able to converse in french. I might missed out some of the words here and there but I was glad I could express myself with minor errors. It was such a wonderful feeling because I thought I haven’t really learnt anything in school because I don’t practice enough but finally I actually did learn and able to use it! Yiipppeee yeah!! I am so grateful for that, happy dance all the way especially it was a weekend full of yummy food and chocolate! How was your weekend?