Pick your battles right!

I just wanted to share my thoughts in living ecological friendly not just for the environment but for my body. So I have been avoid any harsh chemicals in any of the products I used for the home and my body. It is hard to find the right products but you will get it right through trial and error. Food wise, I tried as much as I could with organic option. However having said that sometimes we need to rely on modern science and technology here’s why:

Well the thing is I have been sick with a bad cold for around 3 weeks, and only resorting to herbal remedies, like natural antibiotics such as garlic and ginger. Drinking lot of water and doing Bikram yoga to get rid of the toxins. It kinda works until 2 days ago I started getting severe headache and earache. So it was my time to surrender and see the doctor, I know he will give me antibiotics, which I try to avoid but at this stage I just need to get better coz I am flying out for a 13 hours flight next week. So I better be healthy by then. Antibiotic was my saviour because after 1 pill my headache was not as bad.

I realise through my experience, that no matter how much you try to be natural and organic, avoiding chemicals; doctors invented modern medicine for a reason, we can’t always rely on herbal medicines. That’s why our generation live longer than before, because we have the science to help us get healthier when we are sick. I think we just need to pick our battles and not go to the extreme. Even beauty and home products, as much as you try to find the most natural way, you will find somehow chemicals in it. I am still learning to find the right mix and products. However now I will pick my battles right because we live in a different world compare to before. Yes we will try to be chemical free but there is no guarantee in life, even labels can lie too!

So what are your thoughts?


Autumn In Paris

photo 1-11
Ok I am so sorry the title is so clichè but I just love this time of the year when all the tree turns yellow, orange and red. I love the mellow feeling that it evokes especially when the weather is perfect like today, sunny and not too cold.

photo 3-4

We had a wonderful afternoon visiting a vintage market that was held near our apartment, wish I could just buy all the cute things there but I am on a strict simple living regime so no unnecessary shopping for me, yet I am happy just browsing, looking and admiring all the little trinkets.

photo 2-10

Then off we went to Parc de Bercy, it’s hubby favourite park as it’s calm and lush unlike other french gardens or parks. The weather was perfect as well, which was a bonus as it has been rainy at the beginning of the week.

photo 1-9

At the end of Parc de Bercy it’s Bercy Village, which is filled with restaurants, bars and cute little shops. There are also old fashion games for the children to play with, so a perfect place for a family day out! We went to Alice Delice a kitchen specialty shop where I got my self a ginger breadman cookie cutter, as christmas is just around the corner. Last but not least in a craft shop where I spend a long time looking at everything while husband patiently wait for me, to be honest I think he is as excited as me looking at all the amazing things they have.
photo 2-9

I’m so grateful and happy, couldn’t ask for more! Oh and I am going to be babysitting tonight so it’s going to be so much fun!! A great start for the weekend, can’t wait for another awesome day tomorrow!

Acceptance: Moving Forward

I have been busy this couple of weeks and to be honest I don’t even know with what, apart from the usual stuff like yoga, writing and cleaning the house. Oh and of course having a few friends visiting Paris and accompanying them around, I have no other major commitment and yet I feel like I don’t have enough time in the day to accomplished what I want to do, hence abandoning my blog and baking oops! But having said that I’ve started enjoying my time here.

The keyword is acceptance, accepting that now I am here and this is my new life, and things get to start to flow better. It took me 6 months of resistance with a little bit of bitterness dealing with the new changes living in Paris. Resisting with the new language, administration, feeling sorry for myself not having a job and etc. But all these negative feeling and focusing on them made me feel worse and bitter all the time. So after a long deep search emotionally, reading self-help books and talking to my friends over and over again, finally I decided for myself I can’t put myself in this negative world that I’ve created for myself and move on.

Acceptance was the key to moving forward without it no matter how hard you try to be positive, the lack of acceptance of your current situation will drag you back down to those negative feelings that you have. Without the acceptance you will still compare yourself with the ‘what if’ I was in another situations. The reality is that this is my current situation there is no ‘what if and should have been’ and accepting the situation means I can focus on the positive things with my current situations.

The last few days has been wonderful, I feel like  a big weight has been lifted from my shoulder and more relax. I can focus more on my goals that I want to achieve while I am here and making the most of my time here. I even bought a book on how to improve my french grammar, which I wouldn’t even think of before as I was hating learning french. I just want to share this because I finally realise the power of acceptance, embrace it, a step to moving forward and focusing for what you would want to achieve. So whenever you are in a situation that you don’t like or a difficult situation, accept it and focus on how to move forward rather than dwell in it for too long. It’s not an easy process it took me 6 months to get to this point but it better than being stuck, bitter and feeling bad all the time right. Don’t push yourself if it’s going to take 6 months or 8 months to finally understand and accept the situation you’re in, everyone has their own time to process things, but the quicker it is the better it is for your mental and physical health right?


Wishing you all a very good weekend!

Cooking with Michel: Brioche Farci

This weekend I get to spend sometime with hubby’s aunty Jacqueline and uncle Michel. Michel is an excellent cook, he makes the best mayonaise ever. So i decided to follow him around the kitchen and tonight he is preparing a delicious easy but oh so sophisicated dish callled brioche farci.


A loaf of brioche
Some ham around 3/4 slices
Sauteed mushroom
100-150 grams of grated cheese

Lets start!

Cut the top of your brioche!


Then empty out your brioche like so, and keep the bread aside we are going to use it later.


Then with a food proccesor blitzs the inside of the brioche and ham till its look like a crumble. Place it in a bowl and add grated cheese.


Add the sauteed mushroom and mixed it up!

Put this stuffing back into the brioche.


Press it hard and fill it up until the top.
Then baked it in a 150 C oven for about 40-60 minutes untill all the cheese is melted. Remember to keep the top of your brioche outside and put in the top around 40 minutes in so it’s warm.



And here we go ready to eat!


Hope you like cooking class with Michel!