So officially I have been out of the workforce for 2 months. Unlike previous experiences being out of work, I feel great and relax! I think this time I owed it to ‘writing’ and a good dose of reassurance from my darling husband that I should take my time figuring out what I would like to do in Paris (job wise). ‘Writing’ started because a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to contribute my travel stories for her expanding Women’s focus website. Since I have plenty of time to kill, I thought why not. So I have been filling my days with writing for her and for myself, hence this blog. I would never thought it to be so enjoyable,  it is so therapeutic, calming and ‘being centred’. I am so grateful for this opportunity, although unsure where it would take me but I hope it will open up doors to millions of possibility. 

Best of all my well being has improved in so many ways, mentally and physically. 

No more upset stomach and little bit more zen than normal, which is very rare in my world! 



Wake Up Call

Lean In

This book was like a wake up call for me, not to put myself in the backseat. I have an amazing husband who always believe in me and support me in everything that I want to do but somehow I never actually listen to him. For the last 2 year I was in a place where I wasn’t happy with my work and career, I feel stuck. But I didn’t do anything about it because at the time my husband was in a process of looking for other opportunities, and I wouldn’t want to get in the way, just in case he needed to move somewhere. I always believe that his career was a priority than mine, because I think he has a better chance in going up the ladder compare to me.

Lean In, has shown me that I don’t always have to be in the backseat, I have my personal choice where I want to be, yes there will be some compromise and sacrifices or judgement from others. However first and foremost I need to think about myself and whats makes me content. I think I am not the only woman who think about our partner career is a priority, but now I need to re-evaluate this issue and pursue my own ambitions.

This book has brought up so many stories that I can relate to, and I am not even currently in a workforce, it inspired me in so many level. There are so many issues that I would love to be able to discuss and point out to my girlfriends whether they are a career woman or a stay at home mom. I am not saying that everyone will agree with this book however you can always take something from it. As I always say the world is not black and white, it’s always grey, full of options.

What I will learn from this book one little step at a time.

1. Stop being judgemental to other women, we are bitches in every way, this is the reality and this is not helping ourself.

2. Share your aspiration with you partner, you might be surprise how supportive they can be

3. Stopping “The Tiara Syndrome, where women believe that a good job performance naturally lead to promotion” If you want a promotion, voice it. If there is no opportunity, look outside. As the book say, “It’s a jungle gym, not a ladder”

4. Don’t be afraid

5. ‘Having it all’ is a myth, we all have limits and there is always trade-offs in life, and we shouldn’t punish ourself for it and accept those trade-offs wholeheartedly.

Thank you Shery Sandberg for sharing your story, and waking me up!

Dreaming of Sunshine

Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Paris weather has been very dreary lately, and it is not helping the fact that it feels like the winter never ends. I mean not that I don’t appreciate the rain, as I know some places are so desperate on rainfall because of the drought, one of them being Melbourne, one of my lovely hometown. I just want to have a little bit of sunshine to brighten up my day.

This picture reminds me of the beautiful trip to North Queensland with my then boyfriend now hubby. We were just started going out, he was in Australia on a working holiday and he obviously wanted to explore. So I decided to crash his Australian trip. So it was our first holiday together, and for some reason we made it through the 10 days road trip without killing each other. As I always believe, you either make it or break it when you first go on holiday with a partner. Travelling tend to open up your true-self because you can’t constantly trying to be someone who you are not 24/7 right, its give you the chance to see if you can compromise and work together, as there are a lot of decision-making process involved in travelling. Where to eat, where to go next, what activities you want to do and even where to stay. We went to so many trips together since then, and he is my best travelling partner, even thought we are so different in so many ways we always somehow manage to compromise and make it work, not always smooth sailing but at the end its finding that right balance. For example I think the best highlight for this trip for him was seeing the crocodile up close in the wild, where as mine was snorkelling in the great barrier reef. Oh I wish I can be transported back through a magic door back to the sunny tropical North Queensland! Ah just wishful thinking in this gloomy afternoon!

French Bureaucracy, What Not To Love …

So my new journey start, first stop is face to face with the French Bureaucracy, warned by my fellow frenchies; that things wouldn’t look pretty. So here we go again, another dabble with visa issues. First hurdle was a mistake from our part that we didn’t check thoroughly the embassy’s website, we thought that we need to go to Paris and contact the OFII which was Office Français de L’immigration et de L’Intégration, give the necessary dossier and voila issued a carte de sejour, boy we were wrong. After a long-winded process of calling and visiting everyone from the prefecture, OFII and some other institution that I have no idea what it’s called, as my father in-law called up for me; they given us a whole lot of different options and instructions which none would work as I don’t have the proper dossier they wanted so the only way is to get a long-stay spouse visa, issue from the French Consulate in the country of residence, which for me was London. I was about to have a heart attack when they said you need to get it from Australia (because they saw my Australian passport), but then when I explain I have been living in London; they said you apply from London. 

So I booked myself an appointment online for the visa application at the TLS contact centre and gather all the necessary dossier. TLS is an agency that the French Consulate is using to make sure that you have all your necessary dossier and do your biometric before being sent off. The website itself is very clear and precise, as long as you follow the instruction it will be fine. Bought my one-way ticket to London, as I don’t know when the visa will be issued. It end up to be pretty painless process, as long as you have all the documents that they wanted and more (just put in anything else that might help you, e.g proof of address or attestation of address, banking details of your spouse in France) you will be fine. I got my visa within a week, it might take longer during holiday season apparently so just plan in advance. 

So all is good at the moment and we’ll see what happen next, when the OFII contacted me after I’ve submitted my dossier to them. 

I will keep you posted! 



A New Chapter

So after abandoning my blog for quite sometime as I was caught up with work and having no motivation whatsoever and lost in my own dizziness of uncertainty finally it time to start something fresh. Not that year 2012 wasn’t amazing, I’ve travelled and had the most amazing time. However work was putting me down and I was struggling, finding the right balance between work and personal life. So my husband and I decided it is time to move on. Luckily enough the timing was perfect, he got offered a job that he always wanted. So we packed up and moved yet again to another city, and this time it comes with a biggest challenge of them all, learning a new language and perhaps a new career path. So it begins my new adventure, learning french and immersing myself in this beautiful city called Paris. I see it as a chance to re-invent myself and focus on doing things that makes me happy. Bon Chance!