What I love about Paris

Travelling Aquarians

So I have been living in Paris for a year now,things hasn’t been easy at the beginning especially when you don’t speak french. However after learning french and having so much free time before, I started to love Paris. I need to make the most out of Paris before we are gonna relocate again God knows where…

Here are the things that I love about Paris!

The Patisserie

I have a sweet tooth so living in Paris is probably is the best thing as you will find beautiful yummy cakes everywhere you go, plus now I work in a cake shop called Gastel Paris, and I get to drool and eat some broken macarons all the time, definitely not so good for my waistline but who cares, you only live once right!

IMG_2417 This is what I see everyday when I come to work! who can resist that right?

IMG_1571 Aoki is…

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The Aquarians

My best friend and I are both Aquarians, although we are kinda the opposite of each other somehow we click and has been friends for more than 10 years. We met back when we were in our university days and had a long distance friendship ever since we graduated. Since we both love travelling, we decided to create a travelling blog that share our experiences and keep each other updated with our travelling escapades.

Here’s the link!

The Aquarians.



Starting a new job in Paris

Hi everyone, sorry for going MIA for awhile…I have news for you one is I have started working part-time here in french patisserie name Gastel Paris located on the 10th arrondissement. I feel happy after a week of working because I get to practise my french other than that I need to restrain my self not to buy all the cakes and eat it myself afterwards hahahha

Here are some of the chef Olivier’s creation. I will share some more as new cakes come up!




Gastel Paris is located 102 rue de Lafayette, Paris 75010, nearest metro is Poissonnier line 7.

I hope to see you there one day so please come for a visit. The cakes and macarons are too die for!!