Nature Makes Me Happy!



It is always pure joy when you are outdoor enjoying the beauty of nature, somehow your mood is always lifted especially on a sunny day! I hope everyone has a good long weekend and Easter. A time to reflect and be grateful with what we have.

I had a wonderful weekend with my hubby’s family and it is the first time that I can actually participate in the conversation and actually be able to converse in french. I might missed out some of the words here and there but I was glad I could express myself with minor errors. It was such a wonderful feeling because I thought I haven’t really learnt anything in school because I don’t practice enough but finally I actually did learn and able to use it! Yiipppeee yeah!! I am so grateful for that, happy dance all the way especially it was a weekend full of yummy food and chocolate! How was your weekend?


Je suis étudiante!


After a week of french language school, I feel more confident in trying to speak even if my pronunciation is bad, you need to start somewhere right? Campus Langues turned out to be good, it was the most affordable language school I found in Paris with good review and best of all you get to practise your french in the class. I started in the debutant class, which is for complete beginner. The teacher taught you in french at all times, but it was manageable to understand what she is teaching. We did a lot of question and answer for the first week on how to introduce ourself and ask basic questions, which is great. Rather than just the teacher doing all the talking all the time, it can be a bit slow as you tend to repeat a lot of the things but overall I enjoyed my first week of school. We got a really good teacher too, she speaks slowly and clearly, gives extra interactive home work via emails to help you progress in your own time. I will definitely recommend this school if you ever want to learn french in Paris. A bientôt!