Orthoskepsis means an obsession with thinking. I came across this word from reading an article Orthoskepsis: When Too Much Thinking Is A Bad Thing by Tara Stiles, one of my favourite yogis. I realise I do like to over think things, to where I let my imagination run wild with all the possible scenarios. It takes all your energy for nothing. Sleeping in my way out from this, its the only time I get to be in peace and not having random thoughts in my head. I I love to have a long sleep, which rarely happens even when I’m on holidays. We are so use to being on the go all the time, its hard to make the time to just take a breather and enjoy the moment and be present. As the Dalai Lama said ‘Sleep is the best meditation’.









Empty Sounds

I’m surrounded by noises with no meaning. The hubbub doesn’t fill in the empty space within. Like the northern lights its coloured the black space. My thoughts are swirling inside me with no direction no destination. I smile I nod just so my presence is felt. Alone without being alone. Love it hate it but yet I’m content as I know I will never be alone when I don’t want be.