Beautiful roses of Provence

I just wanted to share some of the beautiful roses I found in Provence and dedicate this post for my dear friend Pang as I know she would love it, as she is an aspiring florist. I hope you like it my friend, thinking of you when I see beautiful flowers!









I wish I had a good fully bloom lavender field for you, however we were two weeks early so I got you this photo of a poppy field that we can see everywhere in Provence in spring time.

Thank you Pang for always encouraging me to write and appreciate all your support and kind words πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Beautiful roses of Provence

  1. OMG!!!! I love love love that my wonderful friend is thinking of me. So sorry for not seeing this sooner; I have not had time to check anyone’s blog.

    I can’t tell you enough how much our growing friendship means to me. I am with so much joy. I am so glad you take sometime for yourself to blog. Thank you SO MUCH AGAIN, Irene. I LOVE all these flowers SO MUCH. πŸ™‚

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