Root Beer Cake

A special friend made this special cake recipe for me for my birthday and I want to share it with you all. It’s such a thoughtful gift. I am so grateful I made such wonderful friends within the wordpress community!

circa happy

root beer cake 2root beer cake 8-1Today is one of my blogger friends’ birthday, Irene from “Embracing Uncertanties,” and I want to dedicate this cake for her. I do hope you like root beer and chocolate, Irene. May you & your family have all the happiness in the world for years to come.

Someone once said to me that “it’s getting harder to befriend with someone new when you are older,” and I used to agree with that. Though lately, I come to realize it’s not at all true, at least, in this community. I started my blogs last year, and not to my surprise, they were growing very very very slowly. Even that, I received nothing but supports from fellow bloggers who stopped by. I am loving this community more and more. I guess when you send out sincerity to the universe, it boomerangs back with the same thing.

Anyway, I hope some…

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