Pick your battles right!

I just wanted to share my thoughts in living ecological friendly not just for the environment but for my body. So I have been avoid any harsh chemicals in any of the products I used for the home and my body. It is hard to find the right products but you will get it right through trial and error. Food wise, I tried as much as I could with organic option. However having said that sometimes we need to rely on modern science and technology here’s why:

Well the thing is I have been sick with a bad cold for around 3 weeks, and only resorting to herbal remedies, like natural antibiotics such as garlic and ginger. Drinking lot of water and doing Bikram yoga to get rid of the toxins. It kinda works until 2 days ago I started getting severe headache and earache. So it was my time to surrender and see the doctor, I know he will give me antibiotics, which I try to avoid but at this stage I just need to get better coz I am flying out for a 13 hours flight next week. So I better be healthy by then. Antibiotic was my saviour because after 1 pill my headache was not as bad.

I realise through my experience, that no matter how much you try to be natural and organic, avoiding chemicals; doctors invented modern medicine for a reason, we can’t always rely on herbal medicines. That’s why our generation live longer than before, because we have the science to help us get healthier when we are sick. I think we just need to pick our battles and not go to the extreme. Even beauty and home products, as much as you try to find the most natural way, you will find somehow chemicals in it. I am still learning to find the right mix and products. However now I will pick my battles right because we live in a different world compare to before. Yes we will try to be chemical free but there is no guarantee in life, even labels can lie too!

So what are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Pick your battles right!

  1. I know what you mean. Like you, doctor and pills are my last resource. Though I do need to remind myself to factor in the fact that “our” food is not nutrient-rich as the previous generations, that’s why we need help from modern medicine πŸ™‚

  2. I think depending on the situation it’s all up to the patient. I believe in both holistic and modern medicine practitioners. I also believe in our own healing abilities. Sometimes the healthiest people who do yoga, drink green juice and appear “healthy” can deal with a lot of illness. That’s when I feel that you must look inward to see what’s going on in the inside. I’ve seen many shifts with people I know just by letting go. Glad you feel better! Xo

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