Cooking with Michel: Brioche Farci

This weekend I get to spend sometime with hubby’s aunty Jacqueline and uncle Michel. Michel is an excellent cook, he makes the best mayonaise ever. So i decided to follow him around the kitchen and tonight he is preparing a delicious easy but oh so sophisicated dish callled brioche farci.


A loaf of brioche
Some ham around 3/4 slices
Sauteed mushroom
100-150 grams of grated cheese

Lets start!

Cut the top of your brioche!


Then empty out your brioche like so, and keep the bread aside we are going to use it later.


Then with a food proccesor blitzs the inside of the brioche and ham till its look like a crumble. Place it in a bowl and add grated cheese.


Add the sauteed mushroom and mixed it up!

Put this stuffing back into the brioche.


Press it hard and fill it up until the top.
Then baked it in a 150 C oven for about 40-60 minutes untill all the cheese is melted. Remember to keep the top of your brioche outside and put in the top around 40 minutes in so it’s warm.



And here we go ready to eat!


Hope you like cooking class with Michel!


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