Happy Monday!




Happy Monday everyone and smile! I had such a wonderful week and I am pretty excited for this coming week, as I am getting busier with a few little projects and an online course that I’ve taken.


Here are my highlights from last week!! Happy days!

I was so happy yesterday I get to spend the day with my friend and hubby at the vintage market just around my house. My friend is here for work all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia. So when I asked her what she wanted to do on her first day; she said she wanted to visit a Parisian vintage market which we called brocante. She got a few antique jewellery. After, I took her to Place des Vosges as it was around the corner. I love this little hidden square in Le Marais! It’s is one of my favourite place and I am glad I get to take her there!

photo 4

Sunday afternoon stroll at Place des Vosges

I baked a lot last week as well, including my favourite muffin, Raspberry (from my in-laws garden) with white chocolate muffins. It’s so yummy. I will share some of the recipes in the next few days!

photo 2-6

Raspberry and white chocolate muffins


photo 3-2

Nutella and Almond muffins

Finally my biggest happiness is that I get to start a new sort of business venture with my friend Sandy using found objects and recyclables. I love it because that means instead of throwing it away and contribute to waste, why not try to re-use it and making something useful right! So very excited about this!!

Hope you are starting your week as excited as I am!!




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