Cozy Dinner: Chicken and Mushroom Noodles

Since it’s been raining so much this week, I am craving for my comfort food. It’s my asian fix, chicken and mushroom noodles with a twist.


photo 2_Fotor


200 grams of pancetta (this is the twist as traditional recipe don’t have pancetta)

250 grams of chopped mushrooms (any mushroom will do, sometime I mixed 3 different mushrooms together) you can put extra mushroom if you love mushrooms.

1 whole chicken breast fillet, diced

1 teaspoons of coriander seeds powder

1 tablespoons of salty soya sauce

2 tablespoons of thick soya sauce (if you can’t find any you can substitute with oyster sauce)

1 cloves of garlic crushed and chopped finely

1 shallots chopped finely

1 packet of fresh or dried noodles (for 4 servings)

Let’s start!

1.Fried up the pancetta with the chopped garlic and shallots in a pot, you don’t really need oil as the pancetta is going to give you the oil you need. Leave it for about 5 minutes.

2. Put in the chicken, coriander seeds, soya sauces (both) mixed well. Season with some pepper too.

3. When the chicken is almost cooked put in the mushrooms and a cup of water. Leave it to boil till all the mushroom is ready. Leave it aside

4. Boil your noodles, and then divided them into their own separate bowls. Top up with the mushroom and chicken sauce. You can also garnish it with some chopped spring onion too if you want. (If you get fresh noodle that is already portion, just boiled them portion by portion. Then put a little oil in the bowl preferably vegetable oil and mixed it up so the noodles won’t stick together.

There you go a nice easy warm noodles for a rainy day!


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