Reminiscing Old London Town


So it’s been 5 months since I moved from London, and today as I was looking at old pictures in London: I realised how much I miss it. When I first moved I was homesick most of the time, and didn’t feel like home. However after 3 years, you found your rhythm and found your comfort zone in the midst of crazy work demands (which I am hoping this will be the case here in Paris). My time in London was mostly filled with work, however having said that I did get a chance to explore London and the English country side. So I though I share with you my favourite places in London. I will do a separate post on the beautiful English country side!


My favourite museum would be the Natural History Museum, I like the majestic feeling as you walk inside and greeted by the gigantic dinosaurs. I love the brick work of this beautiful building. Especially  when can you just walk in to any room and learn something new . It’s has become my sanctuary when I need to unwind and focus on something else, rather than let my own thoughts running wild. It’s weird but I found museums and galleries to be so relaxing even among the crowds. Best of all its free (Yeah!)


Hello Dino, I miss you!


Natural History Museum London


Spring time outside the Natural History Museum


The Borough Market would be my place to go for a whole day of food tasting. I love spending the weekend there grazing through all the different food and drinks stalls. The abundance of colourful fresh produces entice you to buy them and start coming up with crazy recipes. It’s heaven for foodies!! If you ever planning to go to London please visit this market you will drink, eat and be merry for sure!


Photosource Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture any myself.


I miss my bookshop Hatchard, where you can find signed copies books through out the year. I can spend hours browsing this 5 floors bookshop. Built in 1797 it is the oldest bookshop in London AND hold three royal warrants, supplying books to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.  Isn’t that amazing, you have the same bookshop as the Queen. If you want to read the full review of this book shop check out my post here in Travelersdaily.


Inside Hatchard


Signed Copy everywhere, sorry for the blurry picture!

Vintage shopping and Street Art

Brick Lane is the best place to go vintage shopping and stop by for some cheap bagels as well while you are at it. It reminds me of Gravel Street in Melbourne. Lately you will find pop up designer outlet shop as well, you might just find a few bargains here and there. I love to walk around here and look at the graffiti arts as well, they are amazing.


Vintage shopping time in Brick Lane




My friend Eda admiring a street art somewhere near Brick Lane



Stop for some Bagels after some major shopping! 

Well these are a few of my favourite places, there are plenty more but these are the things that I missed the most apart from my friends!

Happy Weekend!!


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