Formation Civique OFII


A day in a classroom, a crash course on France!

Finally after almost 3 months I get to attend the second part of my visa journey here in Paris, which is attending the Formation Civique (Civil formation). It’s a whole day 9.00-17.00 class (lunch is provided) to learn about living in France, basic knowledge of the law, how the country is form, the history and so forth.

It was to be honest kind of boring for me and I would rather been given a book and read it,  instead of sitting there for the whole day. The class covers about the importance of equality between man and woman, the law, secularism, the tax system, the states and how France is govern. A little bit of history of France and also the formation of European Union. The class was conducted in French but luckily there were a english translator for the day, however it was not very loud and clear, as there were a lot more english speakers  attending then french and yet the translator was sitting down and speaking softly.

Anyway the most important thing part of today is the certification that you get at the end! This piece of paper is need for when you need to renew you carte de sejour. I need to guard this paper with my life!

Next on the list is the language test, and I think a career counselling of some sort. I will update you once that time arrive.


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