Never Grow Up!


Never Grow up!

Whenever I am surrounded by my siblings, I felt like time stood still, as if we are still back in our younger years goofing around and making fun of each other. Especially now since we all live in different countries, we rarely spend time together, although we Skype and chat over the phone but when we do spend time together it’s like the good ol’ days!


The good old days!

I have 3 brother and 1 sister whom I love very much, I think they are my best friends who I can always count on no matter what. Even as the oldest one in the family, I’ve always feel my younger brothers and sister are always there to protect me and not to forget, boss me around too! Luckily things hasn’t change even though some of us are married and have our own separate life!


Sibling love! we are just missing the little rascal!


Our little brother who hated his picture taken!

I wrote this post coz I’m missing them and can’t wait to see them all in November. We always plan a family get together where all of us are in one place so no one is missing out (been there done that and I don’t like it). The last time we had a family get together is back in March for my sister’s wedding and we went to spend some family time in Lorne, Australia. We rented this beautiful beach house, where cockatoos and kookaburras come every morning and sit at our porch asking for bread. There were a grill in the beach house so we did some bbq, enjoy the Australian traditions! I think we had so many bbq in the spend of 2 weeks, it was crazy!


The in-laws are getting into our craziness


Dad is always making friends with animals, he does it all the time!


Goofing around in the restaurant! My brother in law is catching on!


This is what we wake up to every morning in Lorne, Australia


Mom and Dad idea of chilling out!


Kookaburra, Australian Native Bird, they are normally very shy!

If you are thinking about going to Melbourne, and taking a trip to The Great Ocean Road, consider spending a few days in places such as Lorne, Anglesea, Torquay or other smaller town along The Great Ocean Road. ( check out for beach houses/ accommodations) As it is quite a drive to go up to see the Twelve Apostles, around 4-5 hours from Melbourne so it would be a nice break to enjoy the area as well. If you are lucky you will get to see the koalas and kangaroos in the wild. We had my in-laws this time around too and they were so excited to stop everywhere in the bush and look for koalas. However the best thing about this trip was to be able to hang out with my brothers and sister, of course with the whole big family (there were 14 of us together) and chilling out on the beach! IMG_0747


Chilling out in Lorne!Β IMG_0696


Twelve Apostle


Big family brunch!

I am grateful to be blessed with such wonderful siblings, family and in-laws who can tolerate our craziness. Life is so much fun surrounded by family, I wish I live closer to mine. But never mind we have our yearly family trip which is full of fun!

Wishing everyone a great weekend, have fun, be goofy and never grow up!


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