Gratitude Sunday

Hello September! It has been a wonderful week indeed, as always this is my weekly gratitude post, to be thankful and remind myself that I am very blessed, to keep those complaining moments at bay!

I love yellow!

I love yellow!

Thank you for a wonderful catch up with my friends Sacha and Felix at the Tea room near the Grand Mosque of Paris and a short walk around Jardin Des Plantes, it was a beautiful sunny sunday.

Thank you for getting me back to the Bikram yoga track! Detox here we come!

Thank you hubby for getting me a mixer so I can experiment with more baked goods (YEAH!)

French Language school was a bit blahh but at least I have now progress in learning passè composè (what an accomplishment for me woohooo)


Oh and not to forget our London hairdresser was here at the beginning of this week and brought us a lot of lovely hair products and manage to have a catch up dinner with us!

Last but not least, we celebrated our second year anniversary this week, thank you hubby for the beautiful flowers and once again thank you for being with me through all the ups and down! Also my hubby decided to celebrate it last Saturday, with a nice dinner at Les 110 Taillevent. Thank you for a beautiful night with an amazing meal and wine degustation. Hubby really knows how to spoil me rotten. (This restaurant deserved a separate post)

Dinner and Wine Degustation at Les 101 Taillevent

Dinner and Wine Degustation at Les 101 Taillevent


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