Self Reflections

Today is my 2nd year wedding anniversary, it has been a roller coaster journey through ups and down; from visa issues (twice; French and British), living separately in the England; I was in London he was in Swindon (2 hours journey) and now moving to his hometown, Paris. We had some happy times too off course, travelling a lot for the last 2 years, goofy moments and now finally living together under the same roof (phew! after 6 years together). I am grateful that we managed to overcome all the drama in our life and wishing that we will grow together as a couple.

The self reflections are the things I wanted to improve on myself to be a better wife and person, and to be a reminder to myself there is always room for improvement. A little pledge to make my relationship with my husband better.

The biggest challenge  for me is not to take things personally, I can be overly sensitive at times and take things to heart and make small matter into a gigantic matter. This is normally the start of our little ‘sparks’. I have to admit most of the time the start is because of a misunderstanding of what is being said and over simple matter. I need to let go of the little things and stop taking things too personally as if it’s a personal attack on me (which I felt most of the time) even thought after we talked about it later on, it’s not rather it was mostly my insecurities. I have issues in always wanting to please people and also having the support of my loved ones, so when he has different opinions than mine, i felt unsupported, which shouldn’t be the case. As I know everyone has their own opinion right! But I am too stubborn in someway (the other biggest change I need to improve on) to accept that. I do understand sometimes there are also some cultural differences on interpretation and the way things are said, which I also need to be more understanding and not take it too literally (which is hard as I am an over-thinker)

My pledge to myself:

1. Stop taking things to personally.

2. Stop over-thinking, because it makes yourself agitated even more

3. Accept that I cannot please everyone and agree with everyone.

4. Take a time-out if I felt I am too emotionally upset and will say things that might be hurtful.

Hopefully by doing these little changes, I would take things easier and have a better relationship with my lovely hubby, because he deserve it after being so patients with me, dealing with my craziness and grumpy moments!

Happy 2nd year Anniversary baby, I love you and thank you for always being there for me no matter how annoying I can be sometimes!



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