The Best Pizza in Lake Como


THE pizza

So if you read a lot of article about Lake Como, you will find almost everyone is recommending this Pizza place called Pizzeria Balognett in Via delle Mele 5a Frazzione Balogno di Tremezzo, 22019 Tremezzo, Italy. So I thought it was a good idea to try!

The restaurant is a little secluded among residential area, as you walk in or drive in, you see a garden patch which I’m presuming is for the pizza! definitely a bonus point for me, nothing is more organic than eating your own grown vegetables. The restaurant itself is a little shabby but nice, Francia the owner was a little distant at first but was very accommodating and polite, why because we didn’t know that it was CASH ONLY restaurant so we told her need to go and get some cash, she told us to stay, eat first and get the cash later. She even joked with my husband that I will be the guarantee while he went to get some cash! There were plenty of tourist, as it is mention in almost every guide about Lake Como however you will see a lot of the local people too a bit later in the evening. Probably its only tourist like us who has dinner at 7 o’clock oops!


Yummo Calzone

The Verdict:
The pizza we ordered were simple but yet so flavoursome, and it was the first time that I had some carrots and some other radishes in my calzone (closed pizza) but it was absolutely delish and somehow light. Even the lemon sorbet were to die for! I love lemon sorbet and by far this was the best I’ve tried because there were no bitter after taste at the end. Price wise it wasn’t very expensive, we paid €45 for 2 person, which include 2 pizza, a half carafe of white wine, 2 desserts and 2 bottles of sparkling water.

I mean you will probably find a lot of pizza place in Lake Como, but this one you can be sure that they were fresh.

Bon Apetito!


My favourite Lemon Sorbet


6 thoughts on “The Best Pizza in Lake Como

  1. Terima kasih atas memberikan Liebster “hadiah” kepada saya! Selamat to you as well! Di mana kamu menemukan grafik lencana Liebster?

    That pizza looks sedap banget! But carrots and radishes in a calzone? Nggak tau…

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