My first ever complain from a neighbour, wait for it… for making noise at 3 pm

I just have to rant to someone about this because I was quite upset and hurt by the whole situation even though everyone seems to think don’t worry about it because there are always some random morons in this world who just want to annoy other people.

Yesterday I had some friends over for lunch (around 8 people) in my tiny Paris apartment, we were having nice laugh and discussion without music on, then one of my neighbour started shouting that we are making too much noise and pretty much said ‘I had enough with this Chinese’ obviously addressing me! I don’t know which neighbour because he was just shouting in his apartment. I was a bit offended, but my friends were all said don’t worry too much about it and we end up leaving the apartment. I was more surprised that someone would actually complained about noise level in the middle of a friday afternoon, we are not talking about night-time here which I would completely agree.

Anyway that was all yesterday but today I got the dirty look from the guy above our apartment while I was on the phone in the kitchen, which now I know where the complain was coming from. So as I was telling my husband about the whole situation and how it effect and upset me, and we got into a heated discussions over the whole thing because he think I shouldn’t be too effected by the whole situation as he said maybe he is a bitter old man. Anyway to cut the story short, maybe we were a little bit loud (at 3 in the afternoon) next thing we know there was a knock on our door, the president of the building society complained to my husband that someone called her and said that we were making too much noise and yesterday too… I was gobsmacked as in who in world would complain about noise at 3 pm in the afternoon when every weekend this building were full of people making lots of noise till 1 or 2 am in the morning without anyone else making a fuss.

I mean I know I shouldn’t be upset over it too much, but I just couldn’t accept the fact that it just not logical about the whole complaining about noise level in the middle of the afternoon over two people having a heated discussion. Anyway at least there was a silver lining which is, after my husband experience how unjust it was to be told off about over such a trivial matter, he now understood why I was so effected by the whole thing especially when lately I have been feeling a little down with how hard it can be living in France. Wooshaaaaaa….. sorry for the random rants but I need to let it all out to get it out from my system and not think too much about it! Thank you folks for listening my stupid rants! Cheers!


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