Entering The World of Keith Haring


To be honest I had never heard of Keith Haring before, even though I have seen some of his works before somewhere. I love going to any exhibitions, so this Sunday we thought we should just go and check it out. My husband knew Keith Haring works quiet well and he is a big fan of Dubuffet and Haring got a lot of influences from him so I think my husband was intrigue to see it upclose.


As the exhibition is on its last week, there’s a little bit of queue to get in, but it was not too bad. After the exhibitions I think I become a fan of Keith Haring works, its simple yet has a powerful message which I absolutely adore in an artist. I admired artist who wants to convey strong messages to the world, whether its personal experiences like Frida Kahlo (my favorite artist, and I can’t wait till October, there’s going to be an exhibitions and theatre) or like Keith, his personal view of the political world. So sad that he died so young but I do admire his perseverance in what he believe in and sharing his art to the world. One thing I was very surprise is the fact he was friends with Jean-Michel Basquiat, which is one of my favorite artist.

Well let his works speak for itself shall we! Enjoy!


View on consumerism


Ode to Andy Warhol




another Andy Mouse


The Photographers


Early works, his dad introduce him to storyboard drawing


The last few works before he die




Ode to Jean-Michel Basquiat


Self Potrait


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