Gelato Gelato Gelato!


Ok as you can see in this post I LOVED GELATO and can’t get enough of it! So going to Italy was like me in a candy shop, artisanal gelato shops were everywhere and the hot weather was not helping to resist a gelato or two a day and best of all they were around €2 for two generous scoops of gelato! I am in gelato heaven, and all of them were so good and fresh, I like sorbet more than the creamier stuff so for me having all this amazing freshly made sorbet everyday was amazing!! Not good for my waistline but hey it’s holiday and plus is fruit so I guess its ok! Can’t wait to go back to Italy again!!


Freshly made sorbet, with the best picked fruit! The peach sorbet was to die for!


There were so many flavours, so difficult to choose!!


I love lemon sorbet, so refreshing!! Best of all there were no bitter after taste like other lemon sorbet I’ve tried before! The Italians make the best lemon sorbet.


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