Where is Champex Lac?


So we found this little charming village in the Swiss Alps just by choosing it out of a hat (well sort off) from a Swiss BnB website, as we just wanted to do a short stopover before driving to the Italian border and it was an utter gem. It’s a tiny little village with one main strip. The lake itself is small but beautiful and calm! I mean who doesn’t want to just sit there and enjoy the tranquility! They have a camping site as well which is great if you don’t want to stay in the chalet or bed and breakfast! There are plenty of activities like hiking and wild mushroom picking, shame we didn’t get to do any of that as we were only staying for the night. But we did have a little fondue in the middle of summer, it was a little chilly at night so that justify it.



The main street, where you will find a few restaurant and chalets

The Les Marmottes Bed and Breakfast was AMAZING and we didn’t find out that they were part of Chateaux Relais until we got there, another bonus!! We couldn’t rave enough about the wonderful hosts Jean-Pierre and Graziella , they were absolutely delightful, which makes us want to come again one day just to visit them. It was like visiting a family, they spoilt us with home made canapés for apéritif when we arrived, and a marvellous breakfast with fruit salad, homemade yogurt and muesli, and homemade bread and jam! They have their own vegetable patch, I was so impressed! (Wished we had arranged a dinner there as well which mean we get to try their own produces). We wished we could have stayed another day just to relax and chill in this cozy place!  Please check them out if you ever wanted to visit Champex Lac, here is their website www.lesmarmotteschampexlac.ch We would definitely come back to Champex if we ever want to come back to visit the Swiss Alps!


Room with a view!



Our cosy blue room


Homemade bread, what a luxury!


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