Life Simple Pleasures

The cherry tree in the backyard is ready for harvesting, so when my father in law asked if I want to go and do some cherry picking, I was like ‘of course’. I didn’t know that I have to climb up this ladder so I can pick the ones up high in the tree. I am a bit scared of height but the whole experience was not as frightening as I thought it would be. It was actually quite relaxing to be up top in between branches, looking for those dark red juicy cherries. I even started eating them while I was picking them. It is not an easy thing to pick fruits, it made me realise how hard-working farmers are to produce these beautiful fruit and vegetables, ready for us just to pick up in the supermarket. We need to protect the farmers, and with all these middle subsidiaries in between us and the farmers, they get next to nothing for their produces. I would encourage people to buy direct from farmers if you have access to them, it’s a way to protect their livelihood and sustain their diminishing existence due to environmental harsh and economic conditions. Protect your farmers and buy locally!



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