So officially I have been out of the workforce for 2 months. Unlike previous experiences being out of work, I feel great and relax! I think this time I owed it to ‘writing’ and a good dose of reassurance from my darling husband that I should take my time figuring out what I would like to do in Paris (job wise). ‘Writing’ started because a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to contribute my travel stories for her expanding Women’s focus website. Since I have plenty of time to kill, I thought why not. So I have been filling my days with writing for her and for myself, hence this blog. I would never thought it to be so enjoyable,  it is so therapeutic, calming and ‘being centred’. I am so grateful for this opportunity, although unsure where it would take me but I hope it will open up doors to millions of possibility. 

Best of all my well being has improved in so many ways, mentally and physically. 

No more upset stomach and little bit more zen than normal, which is very rare in my world! 



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