Dreaming of Sunshine

Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Paris weather has been very dreary lately, and it is not helping the fact that it feels like the winter never ends. I mean not that I don’t appreciate the rain, as I know some places are so desperate on rainfall because of the drought, one of them being Melbourne, one of my lovely hometown. I just want to have a little bit of sunshine to brighten up my day.

This picture reminds me of the beautiful trip to North Queensland with my then boyfriend now hubby. We were just started going out, he was in Australia on a working holiday and he obviously wanted to explore. So I decided to crash his Australian trip. So it was our first holiday together, and for some reason we made it through the 10 days road trip without killing each other. As I always believe, you either make it or break it when you first go on holiday with a partner. Travelling tend to open up your true-self because you can’t constantly trying to be someone who you are not 24/7 right, its give you the chance to see if you can compromise and work together, as there are a lot of decision-making process involved in travelling. Where to eat, where to go next, what activities you want to do and even where to stay. We went to so many trips together since then, and he is my best travelling partner, even thought we are so different in so many ways we always somehow manage to compromise and make it work, not always smooth sailing but at the end its finding that right balance. For example I think the best highlight for this trip for him was seeing the crocodile up close in the wild, where as mine was snorkelling in the great barrier reef. Oh I wish I can be transported back through a magic door back to the sunny tropical North Queensland! Ah just wishful thinking in this gloomy afternoon!


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