French Bureaucracy, What Not To Love …

So my new journey start, first stop is face to face with the French Bureaucracy, warned by my fellow frenchies; that things wouldn’t look pretty. So here we go again, another dabble with visa issues. First hurdle was a mistake from our part that we didn’t check thoroughly the embassy’s website, we thought that we need to go to Paris and contact the OFII which was Office Français de L’immigration et de L’Intégration, give the necessary dossier and voila issued a carte de sejour, boy we were wrong. After a long-winded process of calling and visiting everyone from the prefecture, OFII and some other institution that I have no idea what it’s called, as my father in-law called up for me; they given us a whole lot of different options and instructions which none would work as I don’t have the proper dossier they wanted so the only way is to get a long-stay spouse visa, issue from the French Consulate in the country of residence, which for me was London. I was about to have a heart attack when they said you need to get it from Australia (because they saw my Australian passport), but then when I explain I have been living in London; they said you apply from London. 

So I booked myself an appointment online for the visa application at the TLS contact centre and gather all the necessary dossier. TLS is an agency that the French Consulate is using to make sure that you have all your necessary dossier and do your biometric before being sent off. The website itself is very clear and precise, as long as you follow the instruction it will be fine. Bought my one-way ticket to London, as I don’t know when the visa will be issued. It end up to be pretty painless process, as long as you have all the documents that they wanted and more (just put in anything else that might help you, e.g proof of address or attestation of address, banking details of your spouse in France) you will be fine. I got my visa within a week, it might take longer during holiday season apparently so just plan in advance. 

So all is good at the moment and we’ll see what happen next, when the OFII contacted me after I’ve submitted my dossier to them. 

I will keep you posted! 




2 thoughts on “French Bureaucracy, What Not To Love …

  1. Just came across your blog and I thought I’d share one little tip with you. I’m assuming your hubby is French. If yes and if you got married outside of France here is one thing that may help you in the long run: get your marriage registered with the French consulate in the country you got married in. A lot of people overlook that but it’s pretty important to the French bureaucrats when it comes to subsequent visas/citizenship application, etc.

    Good luck with the paperwork; this is just the start!

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